Interview With Matthew John

Q. What inspired you to get a bus

A. I was inspired originally to buy a retired ambulance to convert into a small camper, however the ambulance market was not very good and very expensive. So I opted to look for buses instead. When I bought my bus and 2019 I had in an apartment and was going to convert the bus into a camper only. However in January of 2020, my living situation became complicated so I ended up moving into the bus while completing it at the same time.

Q. What is the most exciting thing that has happened so far?

A. The most exciting thing I would say is having low operational cost. with the housing market, it is more economically sound to live in a bus. I pay no rent no utilities, just fuel for the bus, Auto insurance and my phone bill.

Q. What has been the biggest problem you have had to face?

A. My biggest problem I faced was heating. I live in upstate New York and it gets cold during the winter time. So my first winter I did not have to bus insulated at that time, so it was rather chilly I had a small kerosene heater that did a okay job. Now the bus is fully insulated, I have a small diesel heater and it is more than enough to heat the bus.

Q. Where do you plan on traveling with your skoolie?

A. I have no set plans on where I want to travel to but definitely my bucket list does include Colorado Wyoming and Alaska.

Q, What is your favorite thing about owning a bus? Least favorite?

A. My favorite thing about owning/living in a skoolie is that at a moment’s notice I can turn my key on and go anywhere. My least favorite is small parking spots lol. I have a 45-ft bus so parking spots are my enemy.

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