Movie Monday: Life In The Bus Lane

Today for Movie Monday, I watched the documentary Life On The Bus Lane

Brock Butterfield was a man with dreams of being a professional snowboarder and being a tiny house owner.  He ended up achieving both. Well…sort of .

Small spaces were always comforting to Brock as he grew up, so a small bus was perfect for him to live in.

Brock flipped an old short school bus into his home. He traveled all around the USA, especially Alaska and Canada, picking up friends along the way. 

He had problems with the bus sometimes and had to figure out how to fix them. He also figured out how to house several people on the bus.

All of his friends enjoyed snowboarding as well, so they traveled places they could do that. 

Even with the difficulties, bus life was definitely the right choice for Brock. He didn’t just live in the bus lane, he was living in the right lane.

BUS: 5/5


PLOT: 4/5

OVERALL: 4.5/5

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