Interview with A Family and Rolling Bifrost

Say hello to Jason, Victoria, Stormy, Wilbur, and their skoolie Rolling Bifrost.

  1. How would you compare van life to skoolie life?

Rolling Bifrost-    Skoolie life compared to van life, means being stealthy goes out the window. When being in the bus you have to do a lot more pre planning with many different aspects. One of the main ones that is at the top of our check list is parking. That is because the last thing you want to be doing is driving around towns using diesel, looking and or waiting for parking. Diesel aint cheap. 

  1. Which do you prefer?

Rolling Bifrost- To be completely honest we can’t choose, we love both van and skoolie life. There are pros and cons of both lifestyles. But the biggest aspect that we love is the freedom. There are things that we cant do anymore with not being in the van, but yet there are other things we have gained with making the move to a skoolie.

  1. What got you interested in van and or skoolie life in the first place?

Rolling Bifrost- Both of us before we even met had pretty much the same feeling and one would almost say dream/pull to the nomadic way of life. It definitely all started to come into full play when Covid did what it did to society. Losing everything for both of us such as careers, housing, and the usual list of things that follows, when anyone thinks or talks about Covid. Though with all the negative that time in life threw out to us all, life still had that little glimmer of good vibrations, out there, and it put the two of us on the same path together.

  1. What is the most exciting thing happening on the road? The worst?

Rolling Bifrost- This is a very broad subject to explain. Everything that we have done so far has been just as exciting as the next moment. There are endless possibilities of excitement to come. That is, if we had to put things on a list, currently the two most exciting things to happen to us on our journey would be the day we met each other and then the day we drove 500 miles to pick up our bus and driving the 500 miles back to what is currently our central hub. Now as for the worst, we both agree that the transition from van to skoolie was the worst. We both had what most would consider as nothing. We dont/didnt have the upfront money that most people have going into this venture. We are literally doing this whole thing from scratch. We didn’t have another place to lay our heads. It was only the van or technically homlessness. So transitioning from the van to the bus took a lot more finesse. When you are living in an old school shortie van, just you and your dog then you add a lady lol, space gets very limited. We both had/have the same traveling/simplistic life in mind. You realize more space is going to be needed. So we both loved the idea of owning a school bus and making it our home. So instead of spending the money that one would have needed for renting a place for just a month, we bought a house lol. 

  1. How long did it take to get your skoolie set up?
  2. What was the hardest part of setting up your skoolie?

Rolling Bifrost- For us we had to put these two questions together. Cause for us they are one in the same currently. Our bus is still very much a work in progress. With having to transition the way we did, straight from van to bus, we had to make sure our squirrels were in a row. So we would have to say that the bus needed some key elements. For now those things are a temporary wall, and air flow, so that when we officially start the remodeling of the bus, we will have a cleaner living area as well as breathable air. Our living area is currently two times the size of what we had in the van and we are only in half of the bus currently/temporarily. We have a place to lay our heads as well as clothing storage and a little nomadic ingenuity thrown in there, and you know what we couldn’t really have a complaint about it currently. Yea its simple but isn’t that the whole point behind this life. Live simplistically with possessions so that you can have more great memories to make and keep, LIving life to its fullest.

  1. What are your plans for the future with your skoolie

Rolling Bifrost- There are many plans for the future of our skoolie life. From a business life to a loving and playful life. If one could say that they knew their future we would all hate life. There would be no fun, no excitement to living. So follow us along, as we travel on our Rolling Bifrost. Currently you can find us on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram @RollingBifrost. These are just the ones that we have currently set up. Working on the other ones.

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