Movie Monday: Speed

If you want a movie full of action, fear, and buses, Speed is the movie for you.

The movie starts out in an elevator. However, the elevator is soon attacked by a bomber and several people end up stuck in a falling elevator.

They are saved, but a lot of damage is caused.

Jack, the SWAT officer, helps with the elevator, along with Harry, and then comes the…..


The bomber connects a bomb to the bus. If the bus goes below 50 MPH, the bomb is going to go off. The bus driver ends up getting shot because a criminal that was afraid of Jack shot the driver and Annie, a woman riding the bus, starts to drive the bus herself. 

The bomber. Payne, has a 3.7 million ransom and an order for nobody to get off the bus. 

Jack looks at the bomb and calls the other SWAT officer. Harry, who tries to identify the bomber, Payne, the bomber, does send up bombing a passenger on the bus.

They find out Harry was killed and Payne was watching the bus passengers through a camera. 

After Payne hijacks a subway train, he handcuffs Annie to a pole. Unfortunately, Payne has the keys and Jack can’t unlock the handcuffs. Jack cannot stop the train, which goes off the track and lands in Hollywood.  They are unharmed and share a kiss.

This movie has the most bus in it of anyone I’ve watched. As it was filmed in 1994, it still stands as an excellent action film, and bus film

BUS: 5/5


PLOT: 5/5


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