Interview: Lisa the Bus Driver

Say hello to Lisa

Lisa worked 31 years as a bus driver. She worked a couple types of buses, including school buses and pipe line buses.

Pipe line buses drive the workers to where they are working. The pipe line buses she drove were worn out white. The heaters didn’t work and it went through dangerous.

She also drove school buses. She decided to start driving because she needed a job where she could be with her daughter. After her daughter turned five, she started driving. Driving was not supposed to become a career.

She drove two routes, K-5 and Jr. high and high school

The most rewarding part of her job is dealing with the kids. They trust you and talk to you. She says that she is the first thing the children see in the morning and the last thing she sees after school. 

The best memory she had was when a kid told her that Lisa couldn’t stop driving until she graduated high school.

The worst memory was that she had a couple of her riders commit suicide and had a few runaways.

Her funniest memory was when one of her kids she drove got on the bus, sat in the front seat, and told her that her dad and his new girlfriend walked around the house naked.

As you can tell, it’s never a boring day as a bus driver. You never know what is going to happen.

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