History Of The School Bus

School buses are extremely important in the education world. Many kids would not be able to get to school otherwise. These days, we know buses are long and yellow, but they were not always that way.

The first school buses were not actually what we think of. They were more like wagons or carriages with benches for the students to sit on. The carriages were called “kid hacks”.

In the 1920s, the term school bus came in use, using benches and weatherproof tarps on top

It wasn’t until the 1930s that a company called Wayne Works made a steel bus with glass windows. These are most like what we have today.

Safety regulations came about in the 1970s. These included flashing lights and warning lamps.These helped show the bus stopping. Crash tests also started to help show the safety of the bus.

In 1992, emergency exits, stop arms, and better mirrors were introduced.

Maintenance and check ups became necessary.

Electric devices are becoming much more prevalent in buses, including GPS systems that let schools and families know where their kid is or where the bus is. Cameras are also showing up more to track student’s behaviors. 

Buses have changed greatly throughout the years and are continuing to improve.

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