Movie Monday: The Last Bus

If you are looking for a deep, dark, and quiet film, The Last Bus is definitely for you. Not only does it have a meaningful story line, it is based around buses. In fact, most of the film takes place on buses. There are double deckers, coaches, and shuttle buses. These buses act as a transfer to seeing his daughter’s grave, spreading his wife’s ashes, and eventually, his own death.

Tom, the main character, is an old man who is trying to get everything in his life in order. This includes him riding several types of buses. He meets many different types of people along the way. 

This includes three people allowing him in their apartment and take care of him, and several other people letting him stay with him for different amounts of time. Most people were very kind to him.

There were a couple people who were not especially nice, including a child who kept messing with him and a certain bus driver who kicked him off the bus, even when the rest of the bus protested and offered to pay for his ticket.

Near the end, he has a whole group of people waiting for him, clapping and cheering for him, as he goes to visit his daughter’s grave and pours out his wife’s ashes. 

The bus was a symbol of going through his life journey, up until his own death.

If you like eerie yet calm movies, you’ll like this, and if you like buses, you will DEFINITELY like this.

BUS: 5/5


PLOT: 2.5/5

OVERALL: 3.5/5

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