Double Decker Buses

One of the most recognizable buses is the double decker bus. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a bus with two stories. They are most popular because they can hold more people than a single story, and are easier to maneuver than an accordion bus.

The first was in Paris in 1828. It was not motorized back then. It was actually a double story horse drawn carriage, created by Stanislas Baudry. This lasted for a while until a more elaborate form of double deckers were created. These were invented by George Shillibeer and were referred to as omnibusses, which is just another word for a bus carrying many passengers. His bus could carry 22 riders.

Eventually, in the 1920s, double deckers were created with engine power. These were located in London.

More and more people needed to ride the buses, so there was competition between different companies. Throughout the 1920s, around 20 different companies were created.

Why are the buses red? The number one company, The London General Omnibus Company, wanted to stick out.

The double decker we know today, named the Routemaster, was defined in the 1950s. These buses are used all over the world in big cities. 

As the most recognizable type of bus, it is used for tourism and transportation. They are popular for their open tops and being able to see a lot more than on a single decker.

Who’s ready to be on the top?

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