Trolley Buses

After the very first buses dwindled out, we had something new! These new buses were different in the fact they were motorized. They could go places faster and more efficiently.  

These buses started popping up in the 1880s and 1890s. They were used to get people places, specifically work, faster and easier. 

These busses had several names, but trolley bus or street car is probably the best well known.

Trolley buses used the rails on the road rom previous vehicle attempts. This saved money and could hold more people and go longer distances

These buses were great at what they were more, but they werent’ exactly great for the environment.

They added to the noise level in the areas the buses were. They also caused a lot of pollution, speciffically dirt. This caused the environment to be unclean and unlikable.

Trolleybuses also were a danger to the people not riding them. However, these buses were able to expand where people could go to and suburbs and cities started growing because people were now able to get to those places.

Eventually these buses wore out. They worked for a long time, until the 1940s. However, some places still use these buses to this day,

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