Bus Safety: Car Drivers

During this week, we will discuss different ways to be safe on or around a bus. 

One very important part of bus safety happens outside of the bus. 

See that red light flashing? STOP! 

See the red sign come out? STOP!

Basically, if a bus is sitting still in the road, just STOP!

Watch out for kids getting on and off and don’t pass until all kids are out of the road.

If you are living near a bus stop, be extra careful to watch out for kids. Don’t back out unless you are 100% sure there are no kids behind you. It is ILLEGAL to drive when a bus is parked and kids are loading or getting off.

Different colored lights mean different things.

Yellow means the bus is preparing to either load kids or drop them off

Red means children are actively getting on and off. Do not pass by or try to go through when these lights are on.

The number one most important thing about bus safety is the children. Just watch for lights and children passing. 

Safety is the most important rule!

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