Movie Monday: Expedition Happiness

We all have our dreams. Some people want fame. Others, fortune. In the documentary Expedition Happiness, all that is wanted is freedom, and of course happiness. 

How did Felix Starck and Selima Taibi find that happiness? 

Through a bus of course! 

These two adventure seekers took an old school bus and created a skoolie (a redone bus to be liveable). They traveled all through Canada, a few places in the USA, and Mexico.

They had their fair share of difficulties throughout their journey. These include troubles with visas. Most of the time they were able to get their visas, but at one point, Canada refused and they had to try again, this time with a nicer person. 

As you watch the documentary, you can see everyone getting tired and ready to head home. This includes the dog Rudi, who gets sick several times and hurts his legs, requiring surgery.

The documentary shows what it is really like out on the road in a converted school bus. They had trouble with gas at one point were extremely hot while in Death Valley, Arizona.

It was not an easy trip.

However, they did end up seeing most of North America before they decided they were ready to head home. Everybody on board was sick and tired and ready to end their trip. 

The whole movie they were either on the bus or right around it. It was interesting to watch the two people convert their old bus into a home on wheels. It definitely brought the skoolie lover out of me. 

Anyone want to build a skoolie with me?

BUS:6/5 (there was constantly a bus on screen)

CHARACTERS: 3/5  (They didn’t have much personality)

PLOT: 4/5 (Interesting to see the journey, but not especially exciting)

OVERALL: 4.75/5

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