Interview: Heather the Bus Driver

What is a bus without its driver?

You guessed it: nothing! 

For a bus to run, the driver must not only be careful driving, but watch the children riding as well. It’s not an easy job.

I was able to correspond with a fantastic bus driver named Heather. She gave me a lot of good information about the ins and outs of driving a bus, especially during this Covid time.

Alex: How old were you when you started driving?
Heather: 24
A: Which age do you like working with the most? 
H: Elementary
A: What was your most difficult moment as a driver? The best?
H: Difficult was having to report suspected abuse. Best is getting told by the administration that I’m doing a good job with my bus.
A: What are the differences between the different buses you drove?
 H: My first was a hydraulic bus, for the style of the bus I had to take my turns wider. I kept being told if you can drive that bus, you can drive any bus.
A: What is the furthest place you have driven? Your favorite? 
H: Furthest is about an hour away. The far trips my boss likes taking. My favorite is any field trips. Last year I got to go to the zoo with my autistic son who was in Kindergarten.
A: Explain more on how Covid affected the students, your route, and you yourself
H: At the beginning of the year, my school made us do a 2 tier run, that was absolutely CRAZY!! I drove past some of my kids just to get different ones. Times were all different every day. It was stressful and crazy. I fought the kids more over keeping their masks on or even bringing a mask, then I did for the usual craziness on a bus. It was exhausting to say the least!Thank you for your information Heather! I found it interesting and I’m sure others will love reading about you.________________________________________________________

Fridays will be set aside for interviews with people in any part of the bus community. If you want to be interviewed or have any questions contact me at

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