In The Beginning

Before there were motorized buses, people were still in need of a system to transport many people at once. Luckily, we had Blaise Pascal on our side.

Blaise Pascal was not only an inventor, but a mathematician amongst other titles. Someone who knows a little math will recognize his name from Pascal’s Triangle. He also came up with an early calculating machine, worked with atmospheric pressure and contributed to geometry and binomial math

Pascal secured the money from King Louis XIV to start his own transportation system. A monopoly was settled where nobody else could work on the bus system.

There were seven coaches going on several routes throughout the day, each holding six to eight passengers. There is no set answer as to how many routes there were. Some say six, others say six, others also say there was a circular route.

Unfortunately, these buses were not for everyone to ride. Only nobles and gentries were allowed to ride these vehicles. If you were a soldier or a peasant? No ride for you!

These buses were around until 1675.

There were no more bus services until the 19th century, when stagecoaches started getting popular again.


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