Movie Monday: Paterson

A LITTLE NOTE: I’ve decided that Mondays will be Movie Monday’s. I will be sharing a review about movies that contain buses or are about buses in some way. Today’s selection is “Paterson”

*This Film is rated R*

Paterson is a city bus driver who lives with his hope filled wife, Laura. She dreams of being a country music artist after buying a harlequin guitar and song notes, teaching herself to play “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”. She also decides to open a cupcake business after selling a bunch at the Farmer’s Market.

Paterson has his talents as well. He is a poet. He spends his day driving the bus and writing in his notebook. Laura believes he should publish his work. Unfortunately, the dog chews up Paterson’s notebook full of poetry. 

At the end, Paterson chats with a Japanese man who ended up giving Paterson a new book to start writing poetry again

The movie definitely had a strange feel to it. It was very quiet and never really got exciting at any part. It was a good film, maybe even interesting, but it didn’t keep my interest the whole time

The most exciting part was when the bus broke down. Once again, it wasn’t super in your face, but at least the bus got to be the main character for a little bit. 

BUS: 3/5



OVERALL: 3.5/5

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