It’s Electric!!!

Buses are not known for being good for the environment. The exhaust is not healthy for the air or people.

However, we are getting further in bus making. Electric buses are becoming more common to see now.

I remember walking to my mother’s school from my school and seeing these new buses. They are probably what first got me into buses.

These buses are not only better for the environment, but they save money as well. Buying gasoline is no longer needed. There are also less parts that need to be fixed, so maintenance fees go down. There are no more oil changes or needed air filter changes.It only takes three hours to charge and that charge can lead to 120 miles per charge.

The buses are also much quieter than the ones befor them.

In Virginia, 50 buses were given to several locations. It saved over 30,000 miles, all clean for the environment.

Are these the buses of the future? I most definitely believe that this is just the beginning to clean air and a healthier environment.

There are so many good things about these buses. Let’s hope we can keep on going and expanding.


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